TdP Women – route description

Stage 1, June 28: Lublin – Lublin, 4.5 km

The second edition of the Tour de Pologne Women kicks off with a short but challenging and spectacular individual time trial. In the afternoon, competitors will gather in the center of Lublin, near the Litewski Square, where the stage will conclude, and we will find out who will be the first ORLEN GC leader.

The time trial is a unique element of cycling, where riders rely entirely on their own abilities – it’s just them, their bike, and pushing themselves to 100% of their capacity. The 4.5-kilometer course, with a single turn planned by the organizers, guarantees tight competition and immense excitement! Every second will count, and the winner will only be known at the very end of the stage. On this short, undulating section, cyclists with significant power output over a few minutes will perform well.

Equipment and rider preparation are also crucial in an individual time trial – maintaining the best aerodynamic position during such an effort is not easy. The outcome often hinges on the smallest details.

Among the favorites are riders from strong international teams like Lotto Dstny Ladies, UAE Development Team, and VolkerWessels, but we must also highlight the presence of Polish teams. Several Polish riders will be at the start – representing the Polish national team, MAT ATOM Deweloper Wrocław, and TKK Pacific Nestle Fitness. The national team lineup includes Aurela Nerlo, a multiple-time medalist at the Polish Championships in individual time trials. We can expect that Polish riders will also be vying for top positions in Lublin!

It’s certain that on Friday, June 28, we are in for a spectacular show. The location and compactness of the route make it accessible to thousands of fans – both local residents of the Lublin region and tourists visiting this historic city!

Stage 2, June 29: Krasnystaw – Kraśnik, powiat kraśnicki, 136 km

Following the individual time trial that opens the 2nd edition of the Tour de Pologne Women, the competition continues with a road race. On Saturday, June 29, the race moves to Krasnystaw, a town known for its historic architecture, where the peloton will head towards Kraśnik and Kraśnik County. As they traverse the picturesque landscapes of the Lublin region, the riders will contend for two intermediate sprints sponsored by LOTTO – in Radecznica and Batorz, Janów County.

The first part of the route is flat, with the major challenges beginning after the 50th kilometer. The riders will then enter a hilly terrain, which will continue until the finish in Kraśnik, powiat kraśnicki. The stage ends with a slight uphill, favoring dynamic and resilient riders. The climbs along the route will undoubtedly provoke attacks and breakaways.

Slower riders in the final sprint will attempt to thin out the main group before the last kilometers, a strategy that may or may not succeed. “Each rider will have a chance to showcase their strengths here. If it comes down to a sprint finish, our Kaja Rysz will have the opportunity to demonstrate her sprinting skills. Although Karolina Perekitko might not excel on hills, she could surprise us if she maintains her form from a few days ago. Aurela Nerlo’s experience in attacking and breakaways will certainly be valuable,” said Małgorzata Jasińska, Polish national team couch, about the Tour de Pologne Women’s course.

We can expect that many teams will be keen on fighting for the stage win, which could also lead to taking the lead in the ORLEN general classification.

Stage 3, June 30: Arche Nałęczów – Kazimierz Dolny, 103 km

The grand finale of this year’s Tour de Pologne Women starts at the Arche Hotel in Nałęczów and ends in another historically rich town – Kazimierz Dolny. The organizers have mapped out a dynamic and tough 103-kilometer route that could change the race’s outcome.

Riders, having completed the individual time trial and road race stages, will tackle a repeatedly ridden circuit. A key feature of the race could be the climb in Skowieszynek, which the riders will ascend multiple times. During the first pass, they will also compete for the LOTTO intermediate sprint. This demanding hill will certainly influence the race dynamics.

“On Sunday, we start from the Arche Hotel in Nałęczów and head to Kazimierz Dolny, where we will have five 15-kilometer laps. It will be a grand cycling feast,” said Czesław Lang, General Director of Lang Team and Tour de Pologne Women.

The laps in Kazimierz Dolny will undoubtedly be full of excitement. The short distance and physically challenging route will encourage riders to attack – especially those who lost time in the first two stages. This will be their last chance to go for a win – either in the individual stage or in the general classification. Looking at the profile and map of the final stage of the Tour de Pologne Women, it’s clear that the battle for victory will continue to the very last meter!